Arden British Day 15. September 2019


For the fourth time in a row, the Arden Classic Team invites all friends of classic automobiles to the Arden British Day to be held at Castle Zelem, Zelemerweg 15, in Kranenburg.


Steadily increasing numbers of visitors, and the consistently positive feedback from participants are once again this year’s driving force behind the continuation of the event (S-series). Look forward to a relaxing day with your family, friends and like-minded automobile enthusiasts. Make your way to the Lower Rhine with a full picnic basket in your British classic car.


The venue is the historic Castle Zelem. It looks back on a 1,000 year old history and is still one of the most venerable constructions in the German-Dutch border region. In 1972, in an old bake-house at the castle, Jochen Arden laid the foundation stone for his company, the Arden Automobilbau Gmbh The coat of arms can still be found in the castle today. A black Jaguar can also be seen in front of the three towers – as if the event had always been an integral part of the company’s tradition-rich history.


Jochen Arden made a name for himself worldwide in the field of vehicle refinement thanks to his own Jaguar series. And so, at the first official event in 2016, the Arden Jaguar AJ 1, built in the early 1980s took on the role of the event’s mascot. This was followed by the AJ 2 in 2017.


But not just (Arden) Jaguar will be on show at the event. To sum up, a visitor last year said: “All you need (…) is a bench [to sit on] to (…) get a glimpse of the past 60 years of English car history.” The first impressions could be made at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with over 1000 visitors. The Arden team is now looking forward to further expanding the event. In addition to coffee and cake, the menu last year added tasty barbecues and the concept is to be expanded again in 2019.